Tara's Rowdy Kids

NPGA Pygmy Goats Fremont Ohio


TARA'S ROWDY KIDS DID AN AWESOME JOB AT THE 2010 SANDUSKY COUNTY FAIR! After placing in the top 3 many times we ended up with Reserve Grand Champion Pygmy Doe (Desert Suns American Style) and Grand Champion Pygmy Wether (Lil's Little Kids Winston) in 4-H! :)

2011 Sandusky County Fair we walked away with Reserve Champion Division 3 Showmanship, Junior Champion & Grand Champion 4-H Doe, and Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion Open Doe as well as a doe we previously owned winning Senior Champion & Grand Champion Open Doe and two wethers BRED by me placing FIRST and SECOND in their wether class!

Tara's Rowdy Kids is the home of:

2x NPGA Grand Champion Beech Creek Elite Ata-Apache

3x NPGA Reserve Grand Champion Beech Creek Elite John Henry

'06 Open and 4-H Sandusky Co. Fair Champion Pygmy Wether

'07 Open and 4-H Grand Champion Pygmy Wethers

'08 4-H Champion Pygmy Wether and Open Class Grand Champion Doe!!

And Lorain County Fairs '08 Jr Champion Pygmy Doe!

'09 4-H Reserve Champion Pygmy Wether!

'10 4-H Reserve Grand Champion Pygmy Doe!

'10 4-H Grand Champion Pygmy Wether!!

'11 Division 3 Reserve Champion Showman

'11 4-H Junior Champion/ Grand Champion Pygmy Doe

'11 Open Reserve Senior Champion & Reserve Grand Champion Doe

'12 Open Reserve Grand Champion Pygmy Wether

Previous owners of:

'11 Open Sr Champion Doe & GRAND champion doe

Proud Breeders of:

'12 Open Grand Champion Wether! *under Pygmy Judge Penny Clark



Three different wethers have brought home the title of Champions. '06 was my first year with pygmies and I was hooked!!

We take great pride in our goats and are very proud of our ribbons!! We have gotten over 30 County Fair ribbons from our goats placing!! I am just very proud of all of my accomplishments! And I hope to keep improving my herd!

We have all pygmy colors, specializing in caramels! We also hope to offer brown agouties because of our newly aquired buck!  We currently have one black agouti buck originally from TN and one brown caramel buck from FL!
We have 4 grey agouti does, 3 black agouti does, 4 caramel does, 2 brown caramel does, and 2 brown agouti does. We also have a dark caramel wether, a light caramel wether, and a brown caramel wether with random white!

About Me & My Farm!

I am a 15 year old and I'm an active 4-H and NPGA member in Northwest Ohio and my goal is to get pygmy goats more popular than they are. I may have a small herd but there are big hopes and dreams tied up with this herd. I really hope I can make a difference. I hope I can make improvements with my herd to make improvements in pygmies all together. I strive for friendly, lovable pygmies that will make get pets and 4-H animals. I'm not in it for the money. I'm in it for the love of the animals and seeing new life and love.

I currently have a herd of 23 strong, 17 being does, 4 bucks, and 4 show wethers.

I am new to breeding pygmies but I am learning as I go along. At this time we have 10 beautiful does. We also have three gorgeous bucks and three awesome wethers! We are currently choosing to focus on raising caramels and brown agouties in our herd but we may have grey/black agouties from time to time.

Farm History

Our farm was once a meat raising farm. We had pigs and steers. I remember growing up I was ALWAYS in the barn. To this day you'll find me, in the barn! I can't cook so I stay out of the kitchen!

When I was about 3 or 4 years old I would always ask for a goat. As I am their only grandchild I almost always got what I wanted. I even had a pony and 11 chickens. Everything except goats.

Then once I decided to join Riley Boosters 4-H club I decided to go back to the goat idea almost 3 years ago and because I was in 4-H. I was actually told one goat originally. But after we got Kookie home on 5-21-06. We soon realized that you can't have one alone. So it took one day and my faithful dad found a registered breeder but they didn't have any currently for sale but knew of someone who did. Two days later we had our first registered goat and first caramel. It was "just one more" from there on. We have added to our herd and kept some of our own "kids" and are very pleased with our achivements and the stock we have in our herd. We have a few breeders to thank: the Battigs of Cedarside Farm, Lilly of Lil's Little Kids, Nancy Powell of Dry Run Acres, and Linda Colville of Desert Suns!

 And as an ending note this is our farm motto and something my friends at Cedarside Farms taught me, "Pygmy goats are like potato chips, YOU CAN'T HAVE JUST ONE!"

Some Farm Pics!




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